Clash of Clans Blog, Tutorials with Heather from ClashTutor and more!

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Clash Tutor on Youtube

Heather has a youtubechannel where she uploads every friday a video about Clash of Clans. In the video she discusses especially war tactics for all town hall levels, in particular for town hall level 8.  Are you interested in more information or perhaps even in her channel? All information can be found, by clicking on the button at the bottom.

Town Hall overview

On these pages you will find all the town hall levels in Clash of Clans, and the best base designs of JustSevi, me and many others.

Clash of Clans Blog

Here you will find everything worth knowing about Clash of Clans, and the best farming-, war, and trophybases. videomaterial, wich shows you attack strategies and gives tips and tricks along the way, all videos are provided to us by Heather directly their Youtube Chanel ClashTutor.

Clash of Clans overview

Would you always know how much your town hall will cost if you want to upgrade it to level 10? All this and more you can find here. Please understand that this site is still under construction and will go online in a couple weeks.